El Tecolote Vs. The Body Thief From Dimension X features some of the best and brightest actors, Lucha Libre Stars, and stand up comics that the Denver area contains. Who are these stars? Keep reading!

El Tecolote

El Tecolote is played by Colorado Lucha Libre star Delta Jr. His high flying, energetic style and charismatic performances has made him a fan favorite and a champion several times over.

Inspector Enmascorado

Inspector Enmascarado, Luchador and police detective, is played by Elektroboy. Elektroboy is one of the fastest rising stars in Lucha Libre today, with an acrobatic style and death defying stunts that takes the audiences breath away. Any show with this masked wrestler is not to be missed!


The part of Catalina is played by Demi Deherrera, a prolific Denver film actor, director, and sought after photographer.

Cartel Kingpin

Alberto Franco Martinez is a Colorado Native who has been involved in the local wrestling scene since 2006. He is a co-founder of Organazacion Mundial De Lucha Libre En Colorado, and is a consultant for Primos Wrestling. He co-produced this series, and made his acting debut!


Marianna Chavez fills the role of Roxy, the shady bar owner. Marianna is a Denver local known for her stage work around town, mainly at her favorite stage: Su Teatro.


Nate Balding is a stand up comic in Denver, Colorado. In addition to stepping into the ghostly shoes of Lembeck, he also co-wrote and helped produce the series.

The Biker

Brian Gates is a Denver based film maker, most recently directing the silent sci fi film Demonology. In addition to his role in this series, he also edited and provided the voice for El Tecolote.

The Doctor

Bringing a level of weirdness to the role of the Doctor, Andrew Smyczek has performed in film, stand up comedy, and improv theater across the country.

Director of Photography

Chris Ward is a cinematographer and editor who probably spends too much time watching movies, but swears it’s all professional research. More of his work can be seen at