Check out the reason that you should be watching our weekly Lucha Libre web series! Enjoy!

Episode 1 – El Tecolote Vs. Rey Muerte

El Tecolote, Lucha Libre champion, defends his title, then is called in to investigate the murder of a innocent woman. Featuring the song Dog Fingers by Welcome Tapetes!

Episode 2 – A Luchador Walks into a Bar…

El Tecolote and Inspector Enmascarado seek clues to the murder. Meanwhile Catalina, El Tecolote’s girlfriend, stumbles into more danger than she can handle! Featuring the song The Spy by The Royal Aces!

Episode 3 – Back-alley beat-down

Catalina is in trouble! Will El Tecolote make it in time to save her? Is lucha libre a match for a psycho with a knife? And what dark secrets does the mysterious Professor Ossorio seek to uncover?

Episode 4 – The Horror In The Shadows

El Tecolote and Inspector Enmascarado interrogate the street tough who attacked Catalina, but someone will go to a great length to keep him from talking. Meanwhile a sinister presence is stalking the criminal underworld…and someone isn’t getting away this time!

Episode 5 – The Secrets of Lembeck

With the only suspect dead, Inspector Enmascarado takes the blood soaked clue to Rosa; a police scientist with a soft spot for everyone’s favorite masked detective, but will involving her in the case put her in danger? Meanwhile El Tecolote looks to bust the heads of the infamous Ratz gang, but Lembeck, the gang’s leader, may be more than he seems….

Episode 6 – Rumble At The Rats’ Nest

After charging in to the Rats’ Nest looking for a fight, El Tecolote may be in over his head against their kung-fu fighting enforcer! Inspector Enmascarado is racing to the rescue, but will he be in time? Meanwhile Rosa has been kidnapped, but by what? Tune in and find out!

Episode 7 – Serpiente Enfuego vs. Crime!

While El Tecolote and Inspector Enmascarado find themselves stumped by the mysteries they’re investigating, the famed rudo Serpiente Enfuego looks to solve the case! Hungry for glory, and seeking to make El Tecolote look bad, he takes on the underworld as a one man war on crime! Can he solve the murders? Can he make the streets safe? Does he know how to treat a lady? Find out with this weeks episode! Featuring the song ‘El Rey’ by Satan’s Pilgrims! Used with permission by Bug Records.

Episode 8 – Mondo Gorilla A-Go-Go!

Serpiente Enfuego is trying to convince the world he’s the real hero, but then things get crazy! With the police station under attack by a crazed death cult, are El Tecolote and Inspector Enmascarado any match for the monster that’s been stalking them?